Monsoon sets in rhythm

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

15 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The month of Ashar, popularly known as the first of the two months of rainy season, begins today.

The rain has been depicted as a link between heaven and earth as seeds and different plants grow rapidly for the rainfall during the season.

Farmers usually wait for the rain as it is essential for the seedlings that are being sowed before Ashar.

 The monsoon is fairly active over Bangladesh and moderate to strong elsewhere over the North Bay.

According to Bangla calendar, Tuesday is the first day of Ashar. It is the third month of the Bengali calendar and the first month of the wet season, locally known as “Barsha”, when the monsoon winds blow.

The rainy season has profound influence on the agriculture, economy, culture and celebrations of the Bangalees. The monsoon has certain attractions that can be felt more than be seen. Different varieties of flowers spread its perfume in the wet rain. This is also the season of blossoming Kadam with its cloying fragrance.

Jhumkolota, Kanthalichampa, Shorpogondha, Kalabati (Canna indica), Lily, Spider Lily, Keya, Water Lily, Lotus, Shaluk, Kathalichanpa, Chalta, Chandmala and some other flowers bloom in the season.

The high, thick, wet and strong fragrance of different flowers reaches far and wide. The country experiences rain in this season because of its geographical location, said Arif Hossain, a meteorologist at Bangladesh Meteorological Department. The rainfall started a few days earlier, he said, adding that the current spell of moderate to heavy (50-70mm) rain will continue for 5-7 days across the country with Sylhet and Mymensingh witnessing persistent showers.  During the month of Ashar, the sky remains overcast with deep black clouds.

Violent blasts of wind blow, lightning, flasher and thunder roar. The sun can hardly be seen. The rivers are full to the brim. Excessive rains very often make the rivers overflow their banks, inundating low-lying areas.