Still overlooking health protocols!

10 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The country did not observe much destruction of coronavirus so far, as the virus infection had spread mainly in megacities, the areas that accommodate comparatively more conscious people and offer more access to administration to implement restrictions. However, the rising trend of both the infection rate and death toll in the bordering districts, particularly bordering areas of Rajshahi, Rangpur and Khulna divisions, has become a matter to be worried about. Threatening to do severe damage this time, the epicentres of the deadly delta variants is the rural area where people are less aware of following the health guidelines and afraid of doing corona test.

Though the coronavirus infection rate goes rampant in those areas, people are very much reluctant to following health protocols and reportedly coming out of their houses unnecessarily or with silly excuses overlooking the restrictions issued by the local administration. They are even not following health guidelines: wearing facemasks, maintaining social distancing and washing hands, in the kitchen markets. Their negligence has led to record the highest infection rate and the death toll in the last one month on the day before yesterday.

There are some other reasons behind people’s unwillingness to go for Covid-19 test and taking treatment. The fear of being isolated socially has been playing the most pivotal role in people's infection-hiding tendency. The fear also bars the infected people from seeking treatment unless their health condition deteriorates critically. The unavailability of testing facilities within their reach discourages people with Covid-19 symptoms from going to the corona-testing centres, mostly located in Upazila Health Complex and, in some cases, in the district-level hospitals.

It is very unfortunate that we do not succeed in making people aware of maintaining health protocols or making Covid-19 testing centres and treatment facilities available all over the country, even after living with the deadly virus for about one and a half years. However, the authorities concerned have to work out immediate solutions and compel people of risky areas to follow health guidelines and bring them under the Covid-19 test. Simultaneously, they must develop all required facilities and take initiatives for awareness-raising campaigns in other parts of the country to escape severe damage from the pandemic.