Drug menace at DU

9 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It breaks our heart that the most prestigious university of the country is making headlines for all the wrong reasons e.g. violence, drug abuse, criminal activities of some students and plagiarism of faculty members, that too in a time when the university is gearing up for grand celebration of its 100th founding anniversary. Studnets and teachers of the university are supposed to be among the most talented and best minds of the country; but why some among them, although they are not many, are resorting to illegal activities is a question one should seriously ponder, particularly the university authorities and the government.

The lead story of yesterday’s Daily Sun put forward an appeal to save the university students from drug menance. Drug or substance abuse has been a longstanding problem at the university. But a recent incident of a student brutalling killing himself after taking a new deadly drug persuaded by his friends has jolted our conscience. If naything, it indicates that drug abuse has reached a frightening height at the university.

Therefore, it is an immediate imperative for the university authorities to take action against drug and all other unlawful activities at the university campus. At the same time the authorities should also address the root causes which are leading a section of students astray. The number of such derailed students is not big, say about 100 or 200 in a given academic year. But this small number of students is responsible for bringing infamy upon all DU students (about 35,000) and ruining the reputation of the most treasured academic institution of the country.

However, these students too are victim of the circumstances such as unhealthy politics or peer pressure. So they must be rescued. One may wonder if the university has adequate phycological counselling facilities for students. We hope the latest incident of drug abuse will come as a wake up call for the authorities to take effective step against all unhealthy practices at the university.