Policy on job creation

Proper execution a must

7 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It will presumably take a long time to recover the economic impact of the multi-faced lethal coronavirus pandemic. Every economy around the globe has been trying its level best to prevail over the economic impact within the shortest possible time. The initiatives taken by the government to create job opportunities and provide job security for the large number of people who lost their jobs amid the pandemic are just a glimpse of many economic recovery policies that are taken to fight the virus impact. The plans for allocating money for salary payments or allowance of export-oriented industry employees, providing financial assistance in the form of interest subsidy of affected industries, allocating money as working capital loans for micro, cottage and SMEs at a low-interest rate and taking projects to impart skill-development training to more than four lakh people will certainly ease the way of economic recovery if implemented properly, which has always been a matter of concern for us.

There were many paradigms of spoiling the finest policies just by a botched implementation. The government had taken almost similar types of initiatives in the last fiscal year to help coronavirus-hit people. But irregularities in loan distribution among the rural-area-based micro and small businesses were major concerns for the entrepreneurs and many of them had to close their businesses after failing to get loans from government-declared incentive packages. Moreover, allegations are there that many of the industry owners laid off and sacked their employees, albeit they received the facilities offered for their workers. Therefore, the working class people and micro and small entrepreneurs did not get as much advantage from the government schemes as those were supposed to.

However, we hope that implementation authorities would work sincerely and transparently this time taking their previous mistakes into account with a view to achieving the utmost success out of government policies. We do not know how long the coronavirus pandemic will prolong the agony of people by affecting our lives and livelihood. So, we should keep no stone unturned to ease the suffering of the poor people and help our economy recover. Besides, there is no other option but to create human resources for overcoming the challenges that await us in the coming days. We expect a smooth and successful implementation of all of the schemes.