Women, beware of predators lurking

5 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Having a strong female Prime Minister like Sheikh Hasina at the helm of affairs, Bangladesh has achieved unprecedented upliftment of women. A country cannot move ahead in the true sense by keeping half her population lagging behind. Therefore, securing the interest of women socially and financially is vital for the nation.

The arrest of one women trafficker along with his two accomplices from Satkhira opened a pandora’s box revealing the trafficking of 1,000 women across the border in the last seven to eight years. If such a huge number of women were trafficked abroad by just one trafficker, we shudder to think how many more have been duped towards such a dire fate by numerous others hiding in society!

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are hiding everywhere, waiting for the moment to pounce on their unsuspecting victims, whenever they are alone or careless. Parents and guardians of young women cannot be careful enough to safeguard their wards from such a fate. In fact, most families marry off their daughters very early to safeguard them from sexual predators lurking in society, leading to the end of the dreams of many talented young women of attaining higher education and achieving success in their own rights.

This problem is not unique to Bangladesh alone; it is rampant all over the world. But as rural Bangladesh is struggling to emerge from age-old social orthodoxy, news of trafficking sets off the alarm bells in the guardians. Thus, the case for women’s empowerment takes three steps backward after every forward step, failing to enable them to achieve higher education and personal development.

As long as there is a thriving market for forced prostitution, trafficking of unsuspecting women will continue unabated. The perpetuity of the problem needs to be addressed by curing the root of the social disease of prostitution instead of just dealing with the symptoms of the issue, which is trafficking of women. Only by addressing the actual cause, security of women in all walks of life in society can be ensured. Bangladesh must enable her women to move forward with better education, training and opportunities of secure lucrative careers for real progress.