Mandatory test of imported bitumen

29 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We at the Daily Sun are elated that a quality test for imported bitumen has been made mandatory by the government. In fact, for the past several weeks this daily published many reports and editorials on the detrimental effects of adulterated low quality imported bitumen which are drastically shortening the lifespan of the roads and highways. We hope that our relentless investigative journalism has helped to bring to the notice of authorities the facts about how low-quality bitumen has been entering the country and was being used in road constructions. Use of the substandard bitumen has been causing our precious roads to become dilapidated sooner than expected due to absence of proper quality testing of the imported materials by any designated institution.

We are happy that the government has issued a gazette notification amending the import policy of bitumen by which traders must obtain quality certification from three government-designated institutions including the BSTI before clearing any imported bitumen from the ports.

No matter how many laws are enacted or amended for better quality of goods and services, without proper implementation the desired results cannot be achieved. As there is no dearth of good laws in Bangladesh, rather the problem lies in their proper implementation. So, it is important to ensure that the newly amended import law is duly implemented and quality inspection of imported bitumen is carried out sincerely by authorities concerned.

 We feel that instead of remaining highly dependent on imported bitumen, the country should focus on increasing its domestic production. But whether imported or locally produced bitumen is used, the quality of material used in construction of public roads and highways must be strictly monitored to ensure optimum quality of the roads. Using quality materials in our road constructions will guarantee that the roads have prolonged lifespan making traveling all over Bangladesh comfortable for the people.