No corrupt person should be VC

20 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It is an expectation, actually a demand, that educational institutions will produce good and honest citizens. Being the tertiary level of educational institutions, universities are more obliged to fulfil this demand. Teachers of public universities are likely to prepare their students offering them all the opportunities to give their best for the people and for the country. For this purpose, the government provides these entities with sufficient subsidies. But it is very unfortunate that Vice Chancellors of some universities have involved themselves in corruption for making a quick buck, taking advantage of autonomy and loopholes of law in some cases, instead of ensuring quality education and motivating their students to be honest persons.

Expecting honest attitude from a student after sending him to an institution running under a corrupt VC is something like hoping for the flying pigs. It is very difficult for students to develop strong morality and ethics in an atmosphere where power and superior position is grabbed by corrupt persons whereas honest teachers are deprived of legitimate rights. The ideal example of it is the incidents of recruitment in Rajshahi University where the former VC had appointed around 140 people on his last day at the office without following any process and defying a ban halting all sorts of recruitment at the university. There are 11 more VCs who are accused of different allegations including recruitments and financial irregularities, and against whom the UGC has been investigating.

There are some obvious reasons behind the increasing incidences of irregularities in different universities and the involvement of VCs in those corruptions. The main reason behind such incidents is recruiting a VC considering his/her political or organisation allegiance rather than his/her academic qualification and other qualities, particularly morality and ethics. Lack of exemplary punishment of previous corrupt VCs is another reason for it. Therefore, the authorities concerned should take all characteristics of VC aspirants into consideration rather than their political ideology before appointment of any to ensure good academic atmosphere. At the same time, corrupt Vice Chancellors should be brought to book to regain the decaying image of our public universities.