Water crisis hits parts of capital

Rashidul Hasan

9 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

People of different parts in the capital, including Mirpur, Shyamoli, Moghbazar, Jatrabari, Jurain, Demra and Badda, are suffering a lot due to water crisis in the holy month of Ramadan.

Residents of the areas said they are not getting water for their domestic purposes, including taking bath, cooking and drinking, affecting their normal life.

Besides, people of some areas said they are getting putrid water from the supply line of Dhaka WASA which is not suitable for drinking and cooking after purification.

Abu Saleh, a resident of Uttar Badda, said residents of Ibn Sina Goli area are not getting water from the WASA supply line for a month.

“We are not getting a drop of water for a month. Residents of the area are buying water from the vehicles of WASA. We are badly affected in the month of Ramadan. We don’t know when we will get water,” he also said.

He demanded the immediate solution to the problem.

Executive Engineer of Dhaka MODS Zone-8 Abdul Majid said, “We are setting up a new pump in the area. The pump will go into operation very soon and the problem will be solved as well.”

Residents of Ahmednagar in Mirpur area brought similar complaints and said they are suffering from acute water crisis. 

Talking to the Daily Sun, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) 12 no. ward councillor Murad Hossain said that residents of Ahmednagar in Mirpur area are not getting water from WASA for a long time and they collect water from other sources.

“People often come up with complaints that they are not getting water day after day. I have talked to the WASA officials but to no avail,” councillor Muard said. 

Executive Engineer of MODS Zone-4 Ershadul Haque admitted the fact but said that the crisis was not very acute.

The WASA Engineer said, “People of the part of the capital have to depend on deep tube-wells for water.  The groundwater level is dropping every year. Besides, the weather is very extreme this year. That’s why the production of water goes down.  The production deficiency has created some pocket crisis.”

He said if people contact WASA office, the office will solve their individual problem in different areas, but the problem is not very acute.

Dhaka South City Corporation 50 no. ward councillor Masum Molla said there is water crisis in Paschim Jatrabari Uttar area.

“I had talked to the officials of Dhaka WASA. They promised to fix the problem by one or two days. If they fail to supply adequate water, they will supply water with their vehicles free of cost,” councillor Masum said.

Ali Azam, a resident of Dholaipar area, said, “We are getting stinky water from WASA. It is not drinkable even after boiling for hours. We have to buy water from Water ATM booth.”

“We are paying WASA for water but we also have to buy water from WASA spending extra money. It is an illegal business of WASA,” he said.

Asif Ahmed from Noyatola of Boro Moghbazar and Tafsir Babu from Johuri Moholla of Mohammadpur made the same allegations against Dhaka WASA.  “WASA officials are doing business of water by setting up a purifier at Noyatola            

pumping station and selling drinking water to the residents. They are exploiting people by supplying bad quality water,” Asif alleged.

Dhaka WASA Director (Technical) AKM Shahid Uddin said, “There is no shortage of water in any area of the capital. The problem of water shortage in Ahmednagar area was solved.”

He claimed that there is no acute crisis of water in the capital in this moment.

About the bad odour of water, he said, “We treat the pitch-black water of the Shityalakkha river at Sayedabad water treatment plant. Due to excessive presence of ammonia in the water of the river, we have to use extra chemical. That’s why people in some areas may get the odour of chlorine and ammonia.”

“The problem will be solved after testing the water. If any individual makes a complaint in this regard, then we will collect water from the household for solving the problem,” he added.