Let not corona curve rise again

7 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It is heartening that coronavirus cases are declining in the country since the government enforced a series of lockdowns to discourage people from moving around without urgent work. Suddenly the number of infections and deaths started to rise from March 10 and jumped to single-day highs in the middle of April. To encourage people to stay indoors as a measure to contain the corona infection, the government took timely decisions to announce a weeklong partial lockdown from April 5, which was followed by stricter ones. It is due these pragmatic measures that the overall pandemic situation turned for the better with a down trend in the number of infection and deaths.

The declining trend of corona cases indicates that the measures taken be the government have been quite effective in curbing the spread of the virus. Different quarters were highly critical of different government measures but the end results ultimately proved them wrong. It is true that stricter restriction on movements led to the financial hardships of the people, especially those of the fixed or low income groups. Despite the likely adverse impact on people’s livelihood, authorities had no other alternative. Life had to be given priority over livelihood.

The good results of lockdown and other restrictive measures is a good lesson for all. Hopefully, each and every of the citizens will learn from it and plan their next courses of life accordingly. It is saddening to note that a large segment of the people has a strong tendency to violate restrictions on movements. When shopping malls are open and buses have been allowed to run within respective districts, people may once against forget the necessity and effectiveness of the health protocols and move around carelessly. However, they must act responsibly and help maintain the declining trend of corona pandemic and ultimately come out victorious against the invisible enemy. We must take risk again.