Stop Hefazat from politicising religion

5 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Fund diversion is an irregularity practised by many organisations which remain hidden from public attention, but if ever brought to light many of these may tantamount to be found downright illegal. Such is the case with the Hefazat-e-Islam, Bangladesh using its funds meant for studies of Qawmi Madrasa students, which they diverted to carry out mayhem in the country in March. Luckily, the unholy agendas which they wanted to fulfil by creating chaos in the country were thwarted by the government in the nick of time, successfully.

Much of the information about Hefazat’s intent behind the incidents has come to light through interrogation of former Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque. This dubious character was recently in the news being caught on camera while on a personal jaunt of a questionable nature. To what extent the disclosures made by someone like him, who does not actually practise in his life what he preaches to his students, are reliable is also a matter of concern for us.

Hefazat brought out their students more than once to blindly follow orders of their leaders without understanding the import of the situation. Whatever the capacity of organisations like the Hefazat-e-Islam, it is time to free the young people from the holds of such regressive education systems. Quality education is the light that can be the most important and affordable weapon to counter all kinds of regressive and narrow-minded outlooks anywhere in the world. It is high time that Bangladesh spruced up her education system by clearing the cobwebs too. 

Of course, there cannot be an education system where one size fits all, but it is imperative that the education system of the country is such that it makes the young people grow up to be enlightened, responsible, honest and patriotic citizens. For a country like ours with a huge concentration of young population, it is imperative that we do not allow unsavoury teachings by Hefazat-like organisations to twist the minds of our young people.

We must have education facilities everywhere which is accessible and affordable for the young people no matter where they live. The rural-urban divide in education must be overcome if we are to release our population from the tenacious hold of the organisations trying to politicise religion.