Wednesday, 1 December, 2021

Dark days won’t last forever: Jaya Ahsan

Dark days won’t last forever: Jaya Ahsan

The second surge of the coronavirus pandemic has become more devastating than the first one. And coronavirus is now the biggest threat for everybody. Like other parts of the world the pandemic has spread its claws in Bangladesh. Therefore people are living with anxiety, stress and worry. Yet all are expecting that life will return to normal again.

Jaya Ahsan, too, is worried about the current situation and feels the pain. The Bangladeshi actress who has become quite a popular face with her stellar performances in films made in West Bengal says we have to keep calm and patient. She urges all to wear masks and take precautionary measures.

In a recent Interview with Times of India’s online version ETimes, the actress said, “We have not crossed the dark Covid days. There is just depression and death all around. But we have to believe the dark days won’t last forever. Last year we were all hoping that the dark cloud of despondency would move away this year. But Covid has come back in full force once again. But can Covid suppress the life force! Is it so easy to defeat people? People have overcome so many battles, famines and epidemics to come so far. Humans simply go ahead. Darkness looms large, but people surge ahead hand in hand – that is the perennial message.”

 “We will be cautious and safe, we will do everything to stay well, and we will extend our help to others and keep the light of hope aglow in our hearts. Let the early morning rays of sunshine on our faces, in our hearts. And always keep the mask on,” she added.

However, despite all the sadness, the actress is trying her best to keep herself positive. She has been quite active on social media spreading positivity and inspiration for the good days ahead.