Mamunul deserves severe punishment

27 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

At last the cat is out of the bag: As police interrogation of Hefazat-e-Islam joint secretary general Mamunul Haque proceeds, chilling information about his ideological orientation, heinous political objectives as well as foreign connection and attempt at ousting the present government comes out one after another. This so called Islamist cleric and Hefazat leader is actually a fundamentalist militant, deeply engaged in anti-Bangladesh conspiracies with a futile attempt to destabilise the country. His religious rhetoric is just a cover to conceal his real identity and mislead pious Muslims.

It is gathered from police sources that Mamunul has kinship with a host of diehard pro-Pakistani and anti-Bangladesh elements, with the help of whom he linked himself with a militant outfit of Pakistan. He even went to Pakistan in 2005 and stayed there for more than a month. During his stay, he received ideological and military training and returned to the country with a radical ideology and started violent activities. He allegedly received huge financial backing from sources in certain middle-east countries. Mamunul also established connection with Jamaat-e-Islami and some other fundamentalist outfits inside the country and tried to bring militants of diverse currents into a single platform. He also used teachers and students of Hefazat madrasas as his rank and file warriors.

The political objectives of Mamunul and other co-conspirators are frighteningly far reaching. He not only tried to destabilise the country and overthrow the government but also tried to disrupt the excellent relationship that exists between Bangladesh and India. That is why he and others in his bandwagon demonstrated against Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. Mamunul is hardly able to conceal his true political colour as he flexed muscles at a time when the nation was observing the birth centenary of Bangabandhu and celebrating the golden jubilee of the country’s independence.

Mamunul Haque has committed a serious crime against the country and the people. But he is not alone in his anti-Bangladesh conspiracy; indications are there that he has innumerable local and foreign patrons, financial backers and mentors. Their crimes should be dealt with seriously; all the conspirators should be awarded exemplary punishment.