Politicians should stand by people

26 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The opposition parties and their leaders distributed relief among the poor people during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic and nationwide holidays in the last year. But, they are inactive this time, albeit people are going through a similar situation due to the fresh surge of corona pandemic and lockdown imposed to contain the second wave of the deadly virus. Thousands of poor leaders and activists of their parties at the grassroots level have been hit hard for the second time in two consecutive years but do not get any supports from their respective party offices and leaders. Though politicians are expected to stand by the needy people irrespective of their political ideology and opinion, opposition leaders, with few exceptions, are paying the nation with lip service only.

It seems that most of the opposition leaders are very much aware of coronavirus as they have literary kept themselves isolated, maintaining safe distance from their party men since the beginning of the pandemic. Many of them even do not visit their respective areas and meet the mass people during this long time, let alone distributing relief. A few leaders, however, have distributed some relief materials in their respective areas. But, it was not enough to meet the necessity of their local leaders and activities, let alone the mass people.

In recent times politicians are giving more importance to talking to media and blaming their opponents for creating public opinion in favour of them, instead of bringing the same result by their political activities. But their tactic has already been proven worthless, and this practice has turned out to be a reason of people’s loss interest and trust in politics and politicians.

Politics is the area where there is no alternative to getting success but to win the heart of the mass people by doing social activities for political purposes. Winning the trust of people is the best way to achieve political success. But our opposition parties seem to have forgotten this and going round in circles for years. Therefore, they have to stand by the people to make their stance clear, whatever it is, and regain their strength by their work, not by political rhetoric. People now want action, not exaggerated euphonic speeches.