Bidyanondo provides free food among poor people

Staff Correspondent

25 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Bidyanondo Foundation has provided one-time free food for Sehri among needy and poor people against any order of Tk 700 or more through eFood.

If a customer orders a meal worth Tk 700 or more on the eFood platform and pays the price, one person's food will be paid to Bidyanondo against each order.

The information was revealed by efood’s ownership company in a press release on Saturday.

Evaly Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Rassel said, “Customer would receive exactly what he orders. We will pay Bidyanondo a certain amount of money for a person's Sehri against that order. Every four days, orders worth Tk 700 or more will be sent to Bidyanondo together, as per the order in efood.”

Evaly Chief Marketing Officer Arif R Hossain said, "We believe that we have a responsibility towards the neglected and helpless sections of the society. We have taken such an initiative from that realisation and our customers will successfully implement this initiative. Those who would place an order here were also contributing to this great social initiative. We have received 235 such orders in four days starting from 19th April to 23rd April. That means we'll cover the costs of 235 people's meals in Bidyanondo. This month of fasting will bring more orders, and we expect to be able to assist more citizens.”

Bidyanondo Foundation Executive Member Zakir Hossain Pavel said that many people have the mindset of feeding the hungry people while feeding themselves; however, it is not possible due to a lack of proper platform. Thousands of people will order food as well as deliver food to street children through Evaly's new initiative which is both inspiring and exemplary.