They must face trial

19 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The controversial speeches supporting illegal casino business out of unrestrained greed had unmasked MP Shamsul Hoque Chowdhury’s true face to some extent a couple of years ago. Now, the rest have been coming out. Many unknown chapters of the whip and his son Sharun have started surfacing in recent time, unveiling different new episodes of their irregularities and corruption. The fraudulent act of Shamsul Hoque to grab a piece of land of a man was published in this daily a couple of days ago. Now it is learnt his greed has reached such an extent that he has arrangement done to grab a century-old mosque to construct a multi-storey market.

The whip and his son have built their own kingdom in Patia, the constituency of Shamsul Hoque, and its adjacent areas where they are the only ruler. We already know how Sharun and his followers have forced a young banker to commit suicide and are now trying to influence the local administration to deprive the victim’s family of justice. Moreover, the victim’s wife alleged they are given a threat of dire consequences if the case is not withdrawn. Besides, it is alleged that Sharun has amassed huge money running casino and now invest them in different illegal business using his father’s influence. They have created such a terror that even no police personnel dare to speak openly against them.

Now, the question comes that if a people’s representative of his stature gets involve in corruption, how we would expect a corruption-free country. Moreover, the accused is a whip whose prime responsibility is to help parliament make the right decision by providing accurate information. But, it would be difficult for a corrupt person to perform this job with honesty. Most of all, if any person does not feel secure in their house because of the public representative they have elected and his gang, how the masses will believe politicians and politics. Therefore, a fair investigation should be launched against the whip, his son and their hooligans to find out the truth. If allegations are proven, they must be punished duly. It must be done to restore the image of politics and politicians.