Corona deaths cross 10K

Mohammad Al Amin

16 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A total of 10,000 people died of coronavirus infection in the country so far the despite various efforts taken by the government to control the coronavirus situation.

“Those, who died of the virus, were aged over 60. A few young patients have also died recently,” Prof Dr Tahmina Shirin, Director of Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) told the Daily Sun.

Asked about the rising the number of deaths for last few days, she said the cases were detected around a week or more ago.

“The rising trend of infection and casualty may continue if people do not follow the health guidelines and government directives,” she added.

According to Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), 4,192 new coronavirus infection cases have been detected and 94 more died in the last 24 hours till 8am on Thursday morning. Earlier, 5,185 infection cases were detected and 96 people died in 24 hours till Wednesday morning.

It said total number of deaths from the deadly pathogen has reached 10081 with 94 new deaths in the last 24 hours. Some 1,035 Covid-19 patients died and 96,067 infection cases were detected across the country including in Dhaka in last 15 days till April 15.

The total death rate has stood at 1.42 per cent in the last 24 hours till yesterday morning which was 1.43 percent on April 8, 1.44 on April 6, 1.45 on April 5, 1.46 on April 3 and 1.48 on April 2. 

Among the deceased, the DGHS said 7,499 (74.39 percent) were male and 2,582 (25.61 percent) female. The health directorate report said 80.89 percent deaths in covid-19 are aged over 50 years.

It also said 5,675 (56.29 percent) of them were aged over 60 while 2,480 (24.60 percent) were between 51-60 years old, 1125 (11.16 percent) 41-50 years old, 498 (4.94 percent) were between 31-40 years old, 192 (1.90 percent) were aged between 21-30 years, 71 (0.70 percent) were aged between 11-20 years and 40 (0.40 percent) were aged between 0-10 years old.

Among the deceased, 5,785 died in Dhaka division, 1796 in Chattogram, 535 in Rajshahi, 625 in Khulna, 299 in Barishal, 345 in Sylhet, 390 in Rangpur and 212 in Mymensingh.

Talking to daily sun, Dr ASM Alamgir, Principal Scientific Officer of the IEDCR said people have to test the coronavirus immediately after arising any symptom of the Covid-19 disease or coming to contact with any patients and take necessary medical treatment in a bid to avoid going to severe condition.

The DGHS said the total number of coronavirus infection cases has reached to 7,07362 with 4,192 new cases till Thursday morning.  Earlier, 5,185 infection cases were reported on Wednesday, 6,028 on Tuesday, 7,201 on Monday, 5819 on Sunday, 5343 on Saturday, 7,462 on Friday, 6,854 on Thursday, 7,626 on Wednesday, 7,213 cases on Tuesday, 7,075 on Monday, 7,087 on Sunday, 5,863 on Saturday and 6,830 on Friday. However, the number of coronavirus infections in a single day crossed a 5,000-mark for the 16th consecutive day on Wednesday.

However, the daily infection rate reaches 21 percent on April 15, 20.89 on April 14, 18.29 on April 13, which was 20.59 on April 12, 19.81 on April 11, 20.49 on April 10, 23.57 on April 9, 20.65 on April 8, 22.02 on April 7, 21.02 on April 6, 23.40 on April 5, 23.07 on April 4, 23.15 on April 3, 23.28 on April 2 and 22.94 percent on April 1.

Some 5,915 more patients have recovered from the fatal disease in the last 24 hours, raising the total number of recovery to 5,97,214 in the country till the day.

The recovery rate has been reported 84,43 percent on Thursday, 84.09 on Wednesday, 83.95 on Tuesday, 83.98 on Monday, 84.20 on Sunday, 84.30 on Saturday, 84.40 on Friday, 84.82 on Thursday, 85.19 on Wednesday, 85.69 on Tuesday, 86.19 on Monday, 86.68 on Sunday and 87.23 on Saturday.

The DGHS said total 13.80 percent of the samples have been diagnosed with coronavirus till the date while 20.89 percent samples have been diagnosed with the fatal disease in a day.

A total of 24,995 samples, out of 24,825 collected, were tested at 255 labs in the country during the period, the report added. A total of 50,95,613 samples have been tested so far to detect coronavirus infection across the country.

The first case of Covid-19 was detected on March 8 last year while the first death was recorded on March 18 the same year in the country.

The number of coronavirus tests and new infection case detections started to decline in the first week of July last year and the fall continued till the first week of March this year.  However, the numbers of infections and deaths started rising further from March 10 and jumped to the highest single-day cases on April 7.

The hospital sources said the different hospitals with Covid-19 unit, government and private hospitals are overwhelmed with coroanvirus infected patients in the capital and some other areas of the country as the scarcity of general and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) bed has been created for last few weeks.

The health directorate said only five ICU beds among 142 and 295 general beds among 2,608 remain empty in government Covid-19 hospitals in the capital.

However, there were 275 beds for coronavirus infected patients in Kurmitola General Hospital in the capital while 386 patients were admitted in the hospital till Thursday morning.