Boost clean energy harvest

10 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

People still meet most of their energy needs by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. By doing so, they keep the lights on in their homes besides propelling automobiles and powering businesses. Since long, this has become a trend.  But, now they have been paying the price as the ‘dirty energy’ takes its toll on environment and human health. Because of the bad practice, air and water are getting polluted. Global warming is also the outcome of indiscriminate use of fossil fuels.

When burnt, fossil fuels produce large quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Carbon emissions trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to climate change. We are already experiencing the adverse effect of climate change. We await a bleak future ahead of us. So, instead of using fossil fuels, time has come to embrace clean energy. We can produce such energy by harnessing solar power that we get in abundance in a tropical country like ours. Therefore, we should go for solar panel support system on top of building roofs countrywide in a massive scale.

The government should give subsidy to the citizens to lessen their burden. Presently, many countries are harnessing power from the bright fireball in the sky. Bangladesh is also using this as a viable source of electricity. However, more should be done in this regard. There are many hills that lie barren in Chattogram Hill Tracts. Aiming to boost solar power generation, the authorities concerned should encourage the installation of solar panels on these hills and along the coastline.

In a bid to reduce carbon emissions, farmers should be encouraged to use sun light instead of diesel-fired irrigation pumps. They should also be allowed to set up solar power generation capacity on their lands for selling it to the national grid. If we can put right policies in right place, we are poised to make dramatic progress toward a clean energy future.