Seized vehicles doomed to decay

9 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Yes, this is the ultimate destiny of vehicles seized by police and left under the open sky in a haphazard and untidy manner for years together until they turn into dust. These motorised means of transport were imported at the cost of huge hard-earned foreign exchange and were expected to ply the streets and render an essential service to the people. But, instead, at fateful moments they end up in the dumping grounds by police courtyards and begin counting down their days while resting in undisturbed tranquillity and soothing embrace of creepers and climbers. While humans cease to take care of them – sun, rain and inclement weather take the charge and gradually consume the metallic substances in their natural way.

The path to the police courtyard seems for the confiscated vehicles to be a one-way street or a blind alley – always for entering but never for coming out. It is learnt from a front page story of this daily yesterday that several vehicles were seized some ten or more years back as evidences of criminal cases. Those have been rotting away over such a long period but as the relevant cases are yet to be settled, police authorities could neither hand over those to the owners nor put those up for auction in absence of claimants. For the dual cause of lengthy trial process and lack of maintenance in absence of proper dumping stations, the vehicles can now be sold only as scrap.

These vehicles could have been an asset and serve certain useful purposes if disposed of before turning into scrap. So, certain processes should be evolved for quick disposal of the cases. But if the cases cannot be settled early for unavoidable reasons, special orders may be issued for the disposal of the vehicles. Another problem with seized vehicles is that for lack of secure dumping grounds, important parts of them are lost rendering the cars, bikes and buses useless. Arrangements should therefore be made not only for their maintenance but also for preventing theft of component parts.