Resumption of bus service welcome

8 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Resumption of bus services in cities during the countrywide lockdown is a wise decision on the part of the government. Because of lack of public transport, people from all walks of life suffered a lot for two consecutive days. Taking advantage of people’s sufferings, rickshaw-pullers and auto-rickshaw drivers hiked the fares as per their whims. Being unable to pay the exorbitant fares, huge number of low-income residents had no choice, but to walk to their destinations. While entering the offices, most of them were seen totally exhausted. They had virtually no energy to do the office work. But, they somehow saved the private jobs although they came to the offices late. 

However, the scenario was quite different in government offices where attendance was reportedly very thin. The public servants could easily evade their duties as they had no chance of losing their jobs. This has hampered regular activities in public offices. It is a glaring example of misuse of public money as the government officials’ salaries and other allowances are paid from public fund. But, these officials bother less to repay a little bit of the debt that they owe to the public. Anyway, the policymakers should rethink the issue to change the unhealthy trend that is being pursued for years together. We whole-heartedly welcome the decision of allowing movement of public transport in Dhaka and other metropolitan cities; it has relieved the sufferers to a great extent.  But, both the transport workers and the passengers should strictly follow the Covid-19 guidelines; the virus would not spare anyone. We again draw attention of the administration and the law enforcers to take stringent measures against the rule flouters.

Meanwhile, small traders and shop owners are demonstrating so that they can run their business what they said even for a brief period amidst the lockdown restrictions. The fasting month of Ramadan is knocking at the door. Traders eagerly wait for this time when Eid shopping gets momentum. With the earning of the festival season, they meet up the family requirements throughout the year. As the traders have invested money in businesses for making some profits, they should be provided with a chance to run their trading by maintaining the hygiene protocols.