Second Wave Of Covid-19

Corona situation worsens in Ctg

400 test positive a day on an average; public apathy to maintain health safety measures blamed

Yasir Silmy

8 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

CHATTOGRAM: The Covid-19 situation is worsening fast in Chattogram as the district is witnessing sharp rise in the number of cases every day.

The acute shortage of beds at Intensive Care Units (ICU) in both government and private hospitals of the city and district is being reported frequently.  

Sources said around 400 cases of the coronavirus are being recorded in Chattogram every day.

Experts said reluctance to maintain health safety measures, new variants of the virus and overconfidence in vaccine are responsible for the worsening situation.

The highest number of 518 people tested corona positive in a single day on Friday last after Chattogram reported first case on April 3 last year.

A total of 414 persons tested positive for the virus in Chattogram on Wednesday while it was 388, 518, 467, 232, 307 and 494 on April 1, April 2, April 3, April 4, April 5 and April 6 respectively.

Besides, three patients died in Chattogram on Wednesday while the number was highest four on April 4 during the period.

With this, a total of 42,715 persons were diagnosed with corona while 400 of them died and 34,410 made recovery in Chattogram district until Wednesday.

Of them, 34,194 persons were infected with the virus in the city and 8,521 in the upazilas while 294 of them died in the city and 106 in the upazilas.

The infection rate stands around 20 percent in a day, said the sources concerned.

As a result, hospitals dedicated for Covid-19 are experiencing huge pressure of positive and suspected patients while many of them are failing to provide seats for the patients now. 

Apart from acute crisis of the ICU beds, the patients are also complaining about lack of sufficient high-flow nasal cannula in the hospitals.

However, health officials claimed that there are sufficient general beds and high flow nasal cannula in 18 government and 21 private hospitals providing treatments to the corona patients in Chattogram.

The sources said there are over 700 general beds and 80 ICU beds for the corona patients in 10 hospitals in the port city.

Moreover, the upazilas lack private hospital and ICU facility for any patient.

Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) and some other private organisations also came up with the initiatives again to develop isolation centres in a bid to tackle the increasing number of the cases.

Contacted, Chattogram Acting Civil Surgeon Dr Mohammad Asif Khan said they have enough preparation to tackle corona situation and there are still sufficient number of general beds in the hospitals.

But, there is shortage of ICU beds against the number of critical patients, he acknowledged.

They will try to increase the facilities if situation demands, he added.  

Chattogram General Hospital Senior Consultant Dr Abdur Rob Masum said they received many patients this week.

He observed that overconfidence after taking vaccine,

reluctance to maintain health safety measures and the new variants of the coronavirus worsened the situation.

There is no alternative to maintaining health safely measures to tackle the pandemic, he added.  

Dr Adnan Mannan, associate professor of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Department of Chittagong University, said some 34 unique genetic changes of the virus were detected and those were not found in any other country in the world.

The concerned authorities should come forward providing much funds and platforms for the researchers to work with genome sequencing of Covid-19 to help monitor the situation deeply, he suggested.

 “We should also follow the countries which faced the new variants and the way they are tackling the situations,” said Dr Adnan.