Ensure success of lockdown

5 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Enforcing lockdown to keep the people indoors is sometimes the only way to curb the spread of coronavirus infection in the country. After living with the coronavirus for a year, we saw Covid-19 infections rise steeply from March 2020 till it started reducing from August 2020 until February 2021. The lowered infection rate and death toll in Bangladesh fanned our confidence about the end of the reign of Covid-19 terror. We all secretly sighed in relief.

Moreover, the successful mass vaccination drive by the health department, made us think that the cunning coronavirus is soon leaving Bangladesh. But it seems that we heaved our sighs of relief a bit too soon. The devious coronavirus had lulled us into letting our guards down and re-surged with renewed strength to infect and kill increasing number of people once again from March onward.

In the face of the stark reality of renewed Covid-19 surge, the government decided to call for a week-long lockdown across the country from today, keeping emergency services and manufacturing facilities exempted from closure. Once bitten twice shy, to combat the deadly coronavirus in the country the government wisely decided to close all tourist spots for the next two weeks before announcing the lockdown this time. Last year, the people literally took the government directive of general holiday and headed for the popular tourist destinations with family and friends.

People started rushing to their homesteads soon after the announcement of the impending lockdown. Though it is a good sign as it will reduce city crowds, we hope their journey will be made maintaining health protocols of wearing masks and keeping social distancing in mind.

There is no need for people to rush to the market to stock up on foodstuffs. Bangladesh is self sufficient in food production, having little dependency on food imports. Law enforcers must be vigilant to ensure people abide by the Covid-19 protocols, to make the lockdown successful to end the virus.