‘The woman is not wife of Mamunul’

Staff Correspondent

5 April, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The woman, who accompanied Hefazat-e-Islam leader Maulana Mamunul Haque to Royal Resort in Narayanganj on Saturday, is not his wife, several phone call records say.

The phone call records between Mamunul, his wife and younger sister have provided the information.

A group of local people caught Mamunul red-handed with the woman at Royal Resort in Sonargaon on Saturday afternoon. A chaotic situation took place over the incident.

At that time, Mamunul, joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam, claimed that the woman is his second wife.

After he got release from the recreational spot, his real wife contacted him over his phone. She wanted to know what she watched on television about him and a woman.

Mamunul told her that he had no other option but to claim the woman as his wife.

“I shall say you everything after coming to residence. She is the wife of Shahidul. The situation reached a level that I had no option but to claim her to be my wife. If I did not tell it, they (local people) will do something bad with me.”

The wife says, “Okay. Come to the house.”

Mamunul said, “Don’t take the matter in other way. Don’t think anything else. I have to say to other people what I claimed about the woman. If anybody asks you, you will say that you knew the matter. You had permission in this regard.”

Another phone call record between the younger sister of Mamunul and his real wife got viral on social media.

The sister asked her sister-in-law, “Have you heard or seen anything?” She (wife) said she watched everything on the live video.

The sister said, “Don’t worry. We are with you. You will have no problem. If anybody phones you, you will say that you know the matter of their marriage. Your mother-in-law married them as per your permission.”

She (wife) said to her, “Whether the incident is true.”

The sister of Mamunul said, “Not. It is not true. If we do not support him, Chhatra League men will harm him. If we support him, they cannot do anything harm. If anybody asks, you will say the woman is the second wife of your husband.”

“Many asked us questions about their relation. We told that the woman is our brother’s second wife. You may be questioned and you will say so,” the sister said.

The wife agreed with her sister-in-law.

After Mamunul and the woman were caught in the resort, Mamunul told local people that he married the woman named Amena Tayebba two years ago in Khulna.

But the woman said that she is Jannat Ara Jharna of Alfadanga in Faridpur. In a video, at first the woman was seen in a black veil, but later in a blue one.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal in the National Parliament on Sunday said that the woman is not the wife of Mamunul.

“The leader of Hefazat central committee Mamunul Haque checked into a Sonargaon resort on Saturday. He accompanied with a woman. The woman is not his wife. The woman admitted the fact to televisions. We will inform all of the matter after knowing much more,” the minister said.

He said, “The resort came under attack of Hefazat activists after Mamunul and the woman were held by local people. We do not know why the attack was carried out.  Some foreigners were staying in the resort. Later, police and BGB saved the foreigners.”

He said, “Why do the Hefazat activists carry out such kind of mayhem. Certainly, there is an intention behind it. We are investigating to know. Action will be taken against those who are involved in the chaos.”

Jannat Ara Jharna, 27, daughter of valiant freedom fighter Waliur Rahman of Gopalpur union in Alfadanga upazila in Faridpur.  Waliur Rahman is the president of the union’s ward No. 4 unit of Awami League.

The family members of Jharna do not know whether she married Mamunul.

Waliur Rahman and his wife Shirin Akhter told journalists that their daughter was married to one Hafez Shahidullah when she was only nine years of age.

The couple has two sons—Abdur Rahman, 17, and Tamim, 12.  A few years ago, they got divorced.

After that, they tried to marry their daughter Jharna, but she did not agree, saying she got married.

Earlier, Jharna showed a photo of her new husband, but they could not realise whether he was Mamunul.