Leadership behind country’s success

29 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The success story of Bangladesh has surprised many of the world leaders and it is happening under the able leadership of none other than the daughter of Bangabandhu, who created an independent Bangladesh.

What an individual needs most to perform great feats is to dream big and be motivated to achieve them through focused actions. Similarly for a nation and a people to succeed, dreams, motivation and determination is needed to be where Bangladesh has reached in the last few decades. But the difference between an individual and a nation is that whereas an individual may be self motivated but a nation needs visionary leadership to inspire and motivate them into action.

Bangladesh became independent after a long and hard struggle for liberation, inspired by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Just as he dreamt of a sovereign Bangladesh, when none dared to do so, similarly his truly worthy progeny dreamt of a developed Bangladesh when none dared to think of this country beyond being an LDC. She took the courageous decision to build the Padma Bridge with own funds, when none thought it possible. Her bold action is inspiring for others to follow. 

We know that donor countries often fund development projects in LDCs with political or economic strings attached which may be detrimental to the progress of the recipient countries. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina decided to uphold the country's honour in the face of external pressure and created world history when she went ahead to fulfil our national dream of Padma Bridge without funding by the World Bank.

One by one, the country is achieving the development targets set by our visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Her government and the capable administration under her able guidance and inspiration are taking the country incrementally forward on the road to development.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’ independence, we may rejoice at the coincidence of Bangladesh to be reaching developing country status soon, a process started under the leadership of the daughter of Bangabandhu who inspired us to become a free nation. Though our journey towards development is yet to be completed, we know that with visionary and inspiring leadership, nothing is impossible for Bangladesh to achieve. We must continue relentlessly on our path of success.