Verified Contents on Country’s Glorious History

Digital platform still elusive

Jannatul Islam

26 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Digital platform still elusive

Though the nation is celebrating the golden jubilee of independence, it is yet to develop a digital platform at a national level for authentic information about the country as well as its glorious history.

Talking to the Daily Sun, academics and policymakers mentioned that such a platform is vital for research work for the progress of the country.

They said researchers are struggling to find verified contents on any national topic to do research independently. In most cases, they depend on Wikipedia or Banglapedia, but the former maintain an open-source contents meaning it can be edited by anyone if they wish. As a result, there is a risk that information can be twisted.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said, “We should focus on verified contents on national issues. There are many contents on Bangladesh and Father of the Nation in the digital medium. We can integrate all the contents into a single platform.”

The minister further mentioned that it is difficult to verify the existing contents as the digital media is expanding rapidly throughout the country.

At a recent meeting, ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak said that the government will introduce a fact-checking tool which will verify factual information.

Talking to the daily, Dhaka University Prof Muntassir Mamoon said digital content is important to carry out any research in the age of technology.

“With the initiative of Genocide Museum, we first initiated an online platform to accommodate historical contents on Bangladesh. But no initiative can be successful without the support of the government,” Prof Muntassir, also the president of Genocide Museum Trust, said.

A number of websites have contents on Bangladesh and the glorious history of the country but they are not verified.

The government has developed a combo website – – but it only aggregates websites of different public agencies. On the other hand, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh initiated Banglapedia as the national encyclopedia in printed and digital version.