No fatigue, no complacency

22 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

It is alarming that the daily death toll from coronavirus and number of infections are rising again. The daily death has gone up to 26 recently, which had gone down to five just a few weeks back. The coronavirus is spread mostly by the asymptomatic corona infected people, who are themselves more or less immune to the Covid-19 disease, but act as carriers of the virus and infect others who come into contact with them. Therefore, it would be wise for us all to wear masks at all times, even in the presence of a person who is apparently not sick or infected.

With people living in very close proximity, particularly in the cities and the slums, it is downright miraculous that we have not been as much affected compared to many western countries. This speaks well about the strong immunity of the majority of our people, who are hard working daily wage earners.

But it would be foolish to try our luck too much and move around without maintaining the health protocol laid down by the world health experts, as we lost many of our elites and intellectuals to the coronavirus and do not want to lose a single more life to it. Infection and death from Covid-19 are easily preventable just by following some simple rules of hygiene like wearing masks in public places, maintaining distance from other people in a room, frequently sanitizing or washing hands, etc.

With the fear of the South African and UK strain of the virus being found in Bangladesh, strict maintenance of the quarantine rules must be implemented without exception, fear or favour. Complacency arising from getting vaccinated must be discarded, as the AstraZeneca vaccine is ineffective against the South African virus strain.

Strictly enforcing proper wearing of masks at public places is imperative to save lives; particularly those who are more vulnerable must be extra careful. Due to Covid fatigue many people are daring the virus by wearing masks on the chin or keeping the nose open. This is as bad as not wearing mask at all. Everyone should act responsibly to avoid getting infected as well as passing the infection to others.