Sheikh Rehana

17 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

On every single birthday of yours

Greeting you with a gift of flower—

Would seem to be the moment of utmost delight.

Never will the blissful moments come back again!

Never will I be able to wish you anymore saying:

Happy Birthday!


What had put my elation out? 

Who'll come up with its answer?

Where'll I come across your presence?


If you dwell among the evening stars—

Beholding in the sky, my face gets alight wishing you:

Happy Birthday!

Would you please keep twinkling?


In the vast sea if you wander around

Riding on a chariot of waves— beckoning, I'd say:

Happy Birthday!


Could you please let me hear in the roaring sea—

Your thunderous voice?

On the top of the hills—where clouds

Play hide and seek in the blue sky,

Could you please turn up over there?

Casting a fond gaze over there, I'd wish:

Happy Birthday!


While a puff of white cloud sails across the sky

Do you accompany it?

In the spheres of sky and air, on the lands of hills and valleys,

I'll search you out, I'll call upon you.

In the tunes of echoes—

Could you please lend me your ears?


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Sheikh Rehana is the youngest daughter of

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


Translated by Hossain Ahmed Arif Elahi

Director, DSHE, Chattogram Zone