Militancy enemy of Islam: IGP

Staff Correspondent

16 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Inspector General of Police Dr Benazir Ahmed on Monday urged parents to be careful about their children’s online activities to prevent them from getting involved in cybercrimes.

“Parents have to spend sufficient time with their children. They have to realise the necessities and demand of their children. The children will have to be counselled so that they do not get involved in cybercrimes,” he said.

Benazir Ahmed made the remarks at a programme organised by Bangladesh Police Service Association to distribute certificates among students, who passed PEC, JSC, SSC and O level examinations in 2020.

While speaking about militancy, he said militancy is the enemy of Islam.  “The Muslims have mostly been oppressed for the militancy. Militants have shaded blood of the Muslims. So, all have to be freed from the radicalism” he said, requesting the Muslims to do religious practices carefully.

The IGP has termed anti-state propaganda spreaders as ‘weeds.’

“There is no single day when the people of Bangladesh are not achieving something. But a section of people is spreading ugly propagandas against the state.  We cannot realise what they want to achieve by spreading the propagandas. They are weeds and we do not need them.”