Follow Covid-19 health rules strictly

12 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We are alarmed as recently Covid-19 infections have risen to above five per cent once again, although it had gone down to less than three per cent during the winter months. The reason may be attributed to people being careless about following health guidelines or becoming over confident after getting the Covid-19 vaccine. However, experts had warned with elaborate guidance about maintaining health precautions even after taking vaccines. Furthermore, there is also marked laxity among the authorities concerned in ensuring that people follow prevention guidelines in public places.

Onset of Covid-19 fatigue is apparent as many people are frequenting public places without masks, social distancing or hygiene. As the deadlier new UK variant of Covid-19 has been found in Bangladesh, it is high time for the people to shake themselves out of the stupor to protect themselves and their family.

The fall in coronavirus infections in the past few months has corresponded to preventive measures of frequent hand washing and mask-wearing. If majority of the people start to maintain hygiene and wear masks, hopefully, there’ll be less fresh cases.

Covid-19 observers opine that weather in Bangladesh may also affect the number of cases. Last year we saw the rise of infections in Bangladesh around summer time and it went down during the winter. It is near to summer time once again – the time when last year Covid-19 started spreading like wildfire in Dhaka, Chattogram and some district towns. So, we should take extra precautionary measures before it is too late and the infection spreads to unmanageable number of people.

We implore that the law enforcing authorities should once again start to be strictly vigilant against the people breaking health guideline rules in the country. If we follow rules there would not be need for another lockdown which had created immense problem for the low income people last year.

How could we become so casual about following Covid-19 guidelines after losing so many of our near ones to this horrendous virus is a wonder! Lest we regret in the future – let’s follow rules for the sake of the country and our people.