DSCC to release frogs to control mosquito

Rashidul Hasan

12 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has taken an initiative to release frogs in water bodies of the capital to control mosquito biologically.

“We will release around 10,000-13,000 frogs in the water bodies as frogs eat mosquitoes. We are now collecting the frogs from different areas. We will start releasing the frogs from Sunday,” said Chief Executive Officer of DSCC ABM Amin Ullah Nuri.

He also said that the frogs would help DSCC control the growing mosquito population of the capital because frogs eat mosquitoes plentifully.

Expressing hope of getting better result, he said, “If not fully, it will definitely help us control the insect in the capital. We are doing this to reduce the source of mosquito.”

The DSCC has taken the initiative as the mosquito menace has risen manifold in the capital.        

A study conducted by Prof Kabirul Bashar, a teacher of Biology department of Jahangirnagar University, found in February that the density of mosquito population has quadrupled in the past few months.

The professor has opined that the initiative would not be successful because most of the water-bodies in the capital are polluted and frogs cannot survive in the polluted water.

He, however, suggested that Guppy fish could be a good option instead of frog as it was resilient to pollutant water.

Noted entomologist Manjur A Chowdhury termed the initiative an insane job and said that it was unprecedented in the world. 

He said, “Earlier, they released duck and Tilapia fish, which also proved unfruitful. The system is followed nowhere in the world. A frog can never breed and survive in the polluted water.”

He also suggested for taking appropriate measures for cleaning the water-bodies and drains in the capital and use effective pesticide for curbing the menace.

“We have to use advance pesticide and modern machineries to fog the pesticide like vehicle-mounted-fogger, mist blower, vehicle mounted ULV machine to control mosquito,” he also suggested.

Earlier, during the tenure of Mayor Sayeed Khokon, DSCC released Guppy fish in 450-kilometer stretch of drain, but the initiative went abortive.

DSCC incumbent Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh recently released ducks in some water-bodies like Ramna Lake, but most of the birds died.