Covid challenges and success

9 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh has been a remarkable story of successful tackling of Covid-19 pandemic. At the initial stage of the outbreak of the deadly virus, people got puzzled a little bit due to lack of idea and some mismanagement in handling the major crisis by the country’s healthcare authorities. However, the establishment finally overcame it by arranging necessary treatment and testing facilities. Ultimately, the coronavirus situation could be brought under control. The country’s infection rate has now been limited to something more than 5.5 lakh. Till date, nearly 8,500 deaths have been reported across the country. Low infection and death rates in comparison to many other countries are another success story of Bangladesh, thanks to pragmatic policies and timely intervention by the government.

The country has done well in flattening the curve. But, it could have been hastened if people did not disregard the health guidelines at the initial stages. As for example, it was sometime in April, last year about 50,000 people attended the namaz-e-janaza of a religious leader in Brahmanbaria district defying the government’s social distancing rule. Earlier, we have noticed that the citizens cared less about wearing masks. Such irresponsible activities could have been dealt with strictly. This has been a streak of irresponsibility on the part of the administration. Even, yesterday, scores of students of Dhaka University were seen roaming on the campus without wearing masks. It is not at all expected from the conscious students of the country’s class one university.

The government has taken a welcome move of reopening all educational institutes from March 30 onward. But, it should ask the ministry of education and relevant authorities to strictly enforce the hygiene guidelines; otherwise ousting corona will remain a far cry. Presently, countrywide vaccination drive is going on in full swing. Alongside, the ongoing awareness campaign should continue. Even after vaccination, people should follow the health rules of wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining social distancing. It is only through collective efforts of people and administration that the fatal virus can be defeated. We have achieved success in tackling the virus situation but it does not mean lowering of vigilance.