Let BDApps be the beginning

6 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The Bangladesh government has so far done a splendid job to fulfil its slogan ‘Digital Bangladesh’. Nowadays, internet access is available even in the remotest part of the country and it has turned into a quite essential part of our daily life. But, most of the internet services were foreign-based that sometimes create problems for the netizens as well as the government. However, the situation has been changing gradually. In the latest improvement, the government has launched national apps store namely BDApps, the first of its kind, which is expected to open a new horizon in digitisation of the country.

In the global village, technological advancement plays a crucial role in modernisation and industrialisation of any country. While the companies offer their services through mobile apps to make services easily accessible, people also get those services using those apps. But many a time netizens face problems as downloading apps from unauthorised stores may infect smart phones or tablets with malicious software and put the users at a serious threat taking control of someone’s device. Therefore, importance is given to a trustworthy apps store which was missing in the country, making us dependent on foreign apps stores.

The newly launched apps store is a beneficial initiative. The store would provide netizens with the opportunity to use software developed by the government, public agencies and individual software developers from a locally supervised secure platform instead of foreign apps stores. The netizens can now breathe a sigh of relief as such official app stores would follow strict development criteria and vet the applications for bad stuff like malware. But then the launching of this app store would encourage individuals to apps developments. It would surely create job opportunities and generate a huge amount of revenue that earlier went to foreign platforms, depriving the government.

It has been years we taste modern technology particularly in mobile phones and the internet. Now the time has come to master it, and we believe that this initiative would be the beginning of a new era when Bangladesh would gain self-reliance in this sector. On the eve of crossing the border of LDC, we want our country to cross the boundary of thinking and innovation.