Polar crane beams installed at Rooppur NPP

Special Correspondent

4 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Polar crane beams installed at Rooppur NPP

Installation of polar crane beams has been completed at the unit-1 of Rooppur NPP power.

 Subcontractor specialists - Trust RosSEM, Roin World LLC and Energospecmontazh JSC performed the complex works on installing two polar crane beams on rail tracks at the unit-1 of the Rooppur NPP.

These are the main metal structures of the crane, with the help of which the operations for the transportation and installation of the main technological equipment of the containment area (reactor vessel, steam generators, pressure compensator) will subsequently be carried out.

The beams of the polar crane were installed in the reactor building using a Liebherr heavy crawler crane.

“Installation of heavy structures required complex and well-coordinated work of subcontractors," said the deputy director for project management of the branch of ASE JSC-chief project engineer Yuri Koshelev.

Currently, work is underway to install structures and crane mechanisms on crane runways.

Due to the movement of the crane along a circular path, it will be able to perform all loading and unloading operations at any point in the reactor compartment.

It is planned to complete the installation of the polar crane (circular crane) in June this year, then the installation of large and heavy equipment of the reactor plant of the first unit of the NPP will begin.

After the NPP is put into operation, the crane will be used for repair work and fuel transportation.

The Rooppur NPP with two VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 2,400 MW is being built according to a Russian project 160 km from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, in accordance with the general contract dated December 25, 2015. The general contractor for the construction of the Rooppur NPP is Atomstroyexport (Engineering Division of Rosatom).