Resumption of classes – a welcome move

1 March, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The much-awaited and timely decision of the government to reopen schools and colleges from March 30 in the wake of successful mass vaccination must be welcome by the students and their parents. Although the educational institutions have been closed physically for the greater part of last year, online classes were held in an effort to keep students and teachers in touch with academic activities.

We feel sorry for the youngsters for missing out for months on the real fun of attending school and college, which is the enjoyable time that students spend with their classmates and friends! Most of us can recall our school and college days and the playful bonding with friends and peers which forms a large part of our fond memories of carefree youthful days.

The government had to make some tough decisions to keep our young population safe in view of the most fatal and contagious viral pandemic in the recent history of human civilisation. Closing down the physical premises of schools and colleges was no doubt a tiresome thing for the young minds, but at least it kept them safe from exposure to Covid-19, till a vaccine was found and started to be administered in Bangladesh.

We must appreciate that our sagacious Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stood firm on the issue of not opening the educational institutions despite pressure from multiple quarters. It takes a visionary leader not to be easily swayed by all and sundry in her plan for the nation and the people. A day will come when even her worst critics will have to honestly acknowledge that the nation was guided well and correctly at a juncture of the worst global health and economic crisis. 

We commend the authorities for planning to add teachers and staff of institutions to the list of the frontliners eligible for Covid-19 vaccine. But we would recommend that prior to the opening of educational institutions in addition to teachers and staff, it is also necessary for the authorities to ensure that eligible students get vaccinated against the Covid-19. Though it may be a monumental task for the government, our confidence in the administration of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has become so unshakeable that we are optimistic that nothing is impossible for Bangladesh under her capable and visionary leadership.