Protectors turn predators !

Staff Correspondent

28 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A robber gang allegedly led by some former and incumbent members of law enforcement agencies is reportedly prowling roads and highways in different places for robbing their targets of cash and valuables.

Dhaka-Tangail, Dhaka-Manikganj, Dhaka-Chattogram and Dhaka-Sylhet highways are the safe havens for the robber gang, said sources at the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI).

The gangsters have recently snatched gold ornaments from some gold traders of Tanti Bazar in the capital. Later, they have sold the ornaments to some traders having nexus with them.

Wishing not to be named, a PBI officer told the Daily Sun that they came to know that some gangsters are former and incumbent members of law enforcement agencies.

“Some sacked and retired army members are also involved with the robber gang. Two of them have already been arrested,” he said.          

Gold traders of Tanti Bazar are the prime targets of the robber gang that has a nexus with some dishonest gold traders to sell the snatched ornaments.”

The officer further said the gangsters standing in three groups commit robbery. The first group collects information on their targets and gives orders for huge gold ornaments in guise of traders in different places.

The group also keeps information about the delivery of gold ornaments by any other traders to anywhere.

When the targeted gold traders go to give the delivery, the second group, which is called the operational group, picks the traders as DB police. After that, the group takes them to their safe places and mugs the ornaments.

The third group sells the gold ornaments to their contacted traders at Tanti Bazar in the capital.

The robber gang snatched gold ornaments on January 7 when Aurjun Halder, owner of Sonali Gold House at Tanti Bazar, was going to give a delivery of the ornaments worth about Tk 1.14 crore in Rajbari.

Suresh Chandra Halder, one of the gangsters, accompanied gold trader Aurjun Halder.  When they reached Savar by bus, some persons in guise of DB police got on the bus and caught the trader.

They took him to their safe place and snatched the gold ornaments.  Faruk Hossain, a former member of the army, led the robbery. A team of Dhaka District Unit of the PBI arrested Faruk along with eight other members of the racket.

Faruk, son of Nasim Uddin of Tala upazila in Satkhira, lived at a rented house in Kafrul area of the capital.

PBI Inspector Rashidul Islam, also investigation officer of the case filed by Aurjun Halder with Savar Police Station, told the Daily Sun that another former member of the Army was arrested by police.

This army member was sacked from his job for his wrongdoings, he added.

“Some policemen are the members of the robber gang, but we could not find their involvement in the robbery of Aurjun Halder’s gold ornaments. The two former army personnel were involved in the crime,” he said.

He said that they were trying to arrest all the members of the gang.

Sources said that one Sohel Ahmed Pallab is the ringleader of the robber gang. He formed the gang with sacked and retired members of law enforcement agencies and the Army.

Khorshed Alam, superintendent of police of the PBI Dhaka District unit, told the Daily Sun that the gang commits robbery, impersonating themselves as DB police.

“We’ll bring all the members of the racket to book,” he said.