Discard irrational political violence

15 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

We hope for the day when the political parties of our country will function only for the betterment of the people and the country. The sole purpose of politics, according to political science theories, is to serve the people and the country. But politics as envisaged by the philosophers of yore seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth, remaining only in the books of political science and philosophy. With the passage of time the Utopia of Plato seems to be moving further and further away beyond the reach of the common people, like the proverbial golden deer of fables.

The unfortunate clashes between the police and rowdy members of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party in and around the National Press Club sadden us. The public are speechless at the intensity of violence persisting in our political arena even today. Where the twain shall meet? This question is glaring in our hearts as we witness the irrational acts of violence being committed in the name of politics.

Domestic politics must be elevated from the decadence of violence. To become a more mature democracy, politics in Bangladesh must evolve intellectually into a system where political parties, activists, the government and the public will no longer resort to violence as a means of putting forward demands.

Attaining power at any cost should not be the goal of politics, as it seems to be the case in present day Bangladesh. As you sow, so you will reap! Violence will beget more violence. It is a zero-sum game, where all lose, especially the people and the country. Therefore, we implore our politicians not to create havoc in the country, as peace and stability is a prerequisite for the welfare of the people and the country.

The opposition BNP resorted to violence on the streets not to uphold any interest of the people or the nation, but to uphold the personal image of their founding leader. Passage of half a century is enough time for Bangladesh to now enter the era of politics based on ideals, rather than the image of a person. Opposition parties must act rationally, discard violence and seek the welfare of the people and the country to gain more mileage with the public.