Consider reopening educational institutions

15 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Since coronavirus hit the world, people had no other option but to keep them quarantined to contain the deadly virus. All countries around the world had to impose lockdown resulting in huge financial and other losses but some of them have started overcoming. But it is the education sector that has been suffering the most putting a long-term impact on every nation. Governments had to shut educational institutions considering the health of the students. While the academic activities have begun and some of the institutions have been conducting online classes, students are yet to go back to classrooms. However, with the availability of vaccines and owing to the unfavourable environment to spread, Covid-19 has started lessening its clutch in this part of the globe, especially in Bangladesh. Therefore the time has come to think about reopening educational institutions.

The government has recently extended the holiday till the end of February which, hopefully, would be the last. It is true that Bangladesh has not yet achieved full success in its fight against the deadly virus but what is truer is that we have to go ahead amidst it. It must be kept in mind that we have already lost an academic year which can never be found back. Though online classes were being conducted during this time, the reality is that most of the students had little connection with textbooks. Moreover, our education system is basically a one-way method depending mainly on teachers’ involvement. Thus, it is clearly understandable how much loss the pandemic has cause to this sector.

On the other hand, this long holiday has left a severe impact on the minds of students and the guardians from lower-economic backgrounds who want their children to add to their family income. The students from this background would face real challenges to come back to classrooms after this epidemic. Further extension of the vacation would make their return harder. Moreover, it is not that people are not coming out of their houses; rather everybody is doing their regular activities in the similar way they did earlier but to some extent maintaining health guidelines these days.

Therefore, the government should reopen educational institutions as soon as possible to limit the loss of the education sector. If all institutions cannot be opened, at least those above the secondary level can be reopened. Just one thing should be ensured that health guidelines are maintained properly.