Pedestrians must change habit

12 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Habit is man’s second nature. Good habits are essential for a disciplined society. The habit of respecting laws and orders and performing an individual’s duty properly is of utmost importance to make a better society. But this sort of sense is yet to develop in the minds of common people, at least their attitudes in everyday life suggest this. How much disrespectful the people of our country are toward rules and regulations can be seen on roads. The reluctant approaches of jaywalkers say all about our mind-sets.

Hundreds of incidents can be found where pedestrians are seen crossing roads in unruly manners and drivers driving carelessly, while the traffic police seem to be reluctant or even nonchalant over the issue. People always cross roads just giving a signal to high-speed vehicles even on the busiest roads and in the spots where there are fully functional footbridges or zebra crossings nearby, as if waiving hands is enough to cross roads. These people hardly try to understand that along with risking their lives and limbs they are creating traffic jams by such activities. In some cases, the jaywalkers cross roads giving law enforcers who try to stop them from crossing the roads a hard time, especially at crowded places.

While it seems that the pedestrians are determined not to use foot-bridges, the authorities concerned keep their efforts limited just to conducting sporadic awareness campaigns. But law enforcers should also remember that mere awareness campaigns would not make people change their old habits overnight. They need to take some tougher actions regarding such careless behaviour and penalise those pedestrians who do not follow the laws. They should not only be fined but also be detained to show how serious the matter actually is. Though it would not be possible to employ police members everywhere, it can be done at least in the most crowded, riskiest and busiest spots. At the same time, other long-term effective measures, like educating people to obey traffic rules, should be taken to make our roads safer. The main thing is that we have to compel jaywalkers to develop that good habit by hook or by crook.