Vaccination in a festive mood

11 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A festive atmosphere prevailed as scores of people patiently stood in queues at various centres in the capital to take the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, the third day of the countrywide vaccination campaign. Not only in the capital city but in other parts of the country too similar enthusiasm was observed centring the vaccination programme which was held in a hassle-free atmosphere. This has been largely possible due to bringing down of the vaccination age bar to 40 years by the authorities concerned. Moreover, the fear about the side effects of vaccine vanished to a great extent when merely a small number of people complained about some effects after immunisation.

Inoculation of some distinguished personalities including the private physician of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inspired people to go for vaccination. Immunisation of former finance minister at the age of 87 years also inspired them most for the same. All of the dignitaries have appealed to people to take the vaccine without hesitation.

In the first phase of the immunisation programme, the government aims to initially vaccinate 35 lakh people. But, we feel elated learning that the premier is mentally and financially prepared to protect everyone as long as they want to get vaccinated, whatever be the cost of the vaccine. So, we firmly believe that none would be left behind the goal.

Meanwhile, some experts opined that the age bar should be further lowered if the authorities wanted to make sure there were no risks of the purchased doses expiring before they could be utilised.  Relevant authorities should take note of their opinion seriously. We are hopeful about the future, but it would take time to know the success story of the vaccine. Till then, all vaccinated people must have to continue wearing masks and following other health guidelines like washing hands and maintaining social distancing.