Quality faculties for tertiary level

1 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Bricks and mortar do not make an educational institution; they can only create a structure to house an institution. It is the teachers who impart knowledge to the students who are at the heart of an educational institution. When Tagore started Shantiniketan, the classes were then held under shady trees on the premises of the now world famous university. But Tagore had hired the best teachers from home and abroad for the students of Shantiniketan which established its name and fame.

 When the first university of the country, Dhaka University, was established in 1921 there was a dearth of qualified teachers available in the country. But that did not deter the then authorities to appoint world class qualified teachers from home and abroad to establish the name of Dhaka University among the best tertiary institutions in the region. The esteemed star students of the golden era of Dhaka University are still reigning supreme in our academic and administrative arena within the country and overseas.

Unfortunately, fifty years after the birth of our country again we are facing a shortage of qualified teachers required to impart quality higher education in the country. Lack of qualified senior faculties worthy of being appointed in teaching positions in universities did not occur in a day; there are many reasons for this shortage of teachers at the tertiary level. Likewise there are many ways to solve the problem. But cutting off the head to cure the headache is definitely not the wisest solution. Therefore, stalling the growth of higher education in the country is out of the question.

It is highly commendable that the current Sheikh Hasina administration has forwarded higher education by establishing many new public universities. Therefore, to meet the number of required teachers we should attract students going for higher education abroad with lucrative teaching positions in the country. Also, retired brilliant teachers may be called on to teach by offering them respectable teaching positions.

 Most academicians seek respect and a healthy academic environment for their professional growth. Therefore, research opportunities must be enhanced for creating and retaining qualified faculty in the country. If required, hiring qualified foreign academics may be considered for improvement of our tertiary education.