Orphanage riddled with corruption

4 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

If you are asked where corruption in Bangladesh takes place, the answer is rather easier – it is everywhere. But if you are told to depict a picture of its forms, obviously the task will seem to you the hardest possible one. Maybe you will need a voluminous book to present a synopsis of the reality. And, as we said on several occasions, criminals and corrupt persons are innovative par excellence in their sinister ways; the strategy and tactics they apply to realise their heinous objectives are simply perplexing; we cannot think of them in even delirious fantasies.

Let us now be a little bit concrete in our talk on the subject. The moment the term ‘orphan’ is uttered, we see in our mind’s eyes parentless innocent girls and boys, having no one to stand by them in times of their owes; our hearts will melt with love and affection for them. But now, one is sure to be confused to know from a front page story of this daily yesterday that there can also be fake orphans beside the genuine ones. It is equally bewildering to be informed that some of them can also be about 40 years old. What is even more interesting is that about 60 per cent of the inmates listed at the government-run Sir Salimullah Muslim Orphanage at Azimpur in the capital are not orphans at all.

How can things go like this? It is simply because of the unholy alliance of a section of dishonest officials and teachers and also due to lack of monitoring of their activities. The orphanage has huge wealth and property including 57 shops that are rented out. These unscrupulous persons do not deposit to the official account the money earned as allocation and donation. The powerful coterie has even opened a torture cell inside the orphanage to silence those who dare to raise voice against their misdeeds. It is alleged that some of them are also involved in drug trade.

The orphanage is no longer a safe home for the really innocent and helpless children; it is a prison for the genuine orphans but a hen laying golden eggs for the corrupt ones. Act urgently to protect the parentless kids from the suffocating environment.