Honey hunting changes lot of poor people in Rajshahi

Our Correspondent

31 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

RAJSHAHI: Many people in Barind area have changed their fortunes through honey harvesting ventures after the best uses of existing natural resources.

Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Shamsul Haque said honey farming has gained popularity in the region as many people attained success through commercial honey harvesting.

Honey bee rearing in mustard farming fields is very much helpful for proper fertilisation of the crop, he said adding that so, the DAE always inspires and motivates the farmers to this end after adopting special projects.

Prof Redwanur Rahman of the Institute of Environmental Sciences in Rajshahi University said honey farmers need more technological support, financial assistance and a sound marketing system for making their business more profitable.

Like the previous years, the harvesters have set up honey collecting boxes at different areas this season.

Due to its economic value, the number of honey harvesters in mustard farming fields is increasing gradually as the composite farming is being adjudged as lucrative means of boosting mustard yield in the region.

Mongesh Paharia, a farmer of Charghat Upazila, has been harvesting honey for a long 12 years through rearing native bee species ‘serena’ in 12 boxes. Mongesh said both demand and market price of honey of native bee species are comparatively high.

He is hopeful of selling 135 kilograms of honey valued at around Taka 50,000 with net profit of Taka 35,000 this year. His success inspires many of his co-villagers for honey harvesting.

Like previous years, Jahidul Islam, another farmer of Godagari upazila, remains involved in honey harvesting in mustard fields since 2005.

At the initial stage, he gained profit through setting up 12 boxes that encouraged him to enhance the number of boxes in the following years.

In this season, he has set up 280 boxes in different areas. Jahidul Islam said he has harvested 20 kilograms of honey from every box in the last 15 days.

He earned more than Taka six lakh every winter season through his commercial honey harvesting. Moniruzzaman, a farmer of Godagari upazila, said the honey harvesting made him income-generator and self-confident.

He has collected 15 kilograms of honey from every box in the last one week.

Last year, he got 40 mounds of honey from 70 bee-colonies in Borobilla area under Paba Upazila. He sold those in both local and regional markets.