Lab-grown meat makes historic debut in Singapore

20 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Lab-grown meat makes historic debut in Singapore

Lab-grown chicken meat made a historic debut at a Singapore restaurant Saturday in a culinary first that its creators said could help reduce the environmental damage involved in human food production, reports AFP.

US start-up Eat Just said earlier this month that its product had been approved for sale in the city-state as an ingredient in chicken nuggets after Singapore became the first country to allow the sale of meat created without slaughtering any animals. Consumption of animals is an environmental threat as cattle produce the potent greenhouse gas methane, while logging to create pastures destroys natural barriers against climate change.

The company on Wednesday said it had made its first commercial sale of the product to 1880, a restaurant in Singapore’s Robertson Quay, a posh riverside entertainment centre.

The restaurant began serving the cultured meat on Saturday evening, saying its first diners were students aged 14-18 who had been invited to the launch after showing “a commitment to building a better planet”.