Glow with sunflower

5 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Glow with sunflower

In this current scenario of rising numbers of health problems, every individual prefers to prioritise health and nutrition at the topmost. From  staying  tuned  up  with  the  promotion  of growth to being charged up with the stored energy, it is definitely the role-play of nutrients that supplements  healthier  life.

On  a  special  note,  oil  seed  crops  which  have  been  highlighted  in these recent years, flourishingly extend its network of substantial positive impression in health and nutrition through sunflower plant.

The leading oil seed crop, sunflower plant, is cultivated throughout the world for its oil and protein content. Half cup of dry roasted sunflower seeds (64 gm) provide370 kcal energy, 7 gm of dietary fibers and 12 gm of proteins. In addition, vitamin E,  several  minerals  such  as  selenium,  calcium,  copper,  zinc,  potassium bundle  to  enrich  the protein content.

Due to the presence of substantial amount of proteins in sunflower seeds and oil, both possess therapeutic traits to bless our immune. Sunflower  oil,  which  is  rich  in  fatty  acids,  contributes  to  lower  the  chances  of  coronary  artery disease  by  reducing  the  LDL  cholesterol  as  well  as  total  cholesterol. Along with the poly and mono unsaturated fats, phytochemicals found in sunflower oil seem to be beneficial to heart.

Also the sunflower oil is a very good source of vitamin E that neutralises free radicals following to the   prevention of oxidative damages to cellular and molecular components actively participating  in  anti inflammatory, anti tumor action.

Moreover, both the vitamin A and E, present in sunflower oil, promote skin health.

These vitamins help to regenerate damaged skin cells and block the pores. In addition to that, sunflower oil conditions dry, frizzy hair and adds a beautiful shine. Gamma  alpha  linoleic  acid which  is  considered  as  a  treatment  for  hair  loss prevention is present in sunflower oil in high amount. So the sunflower oil not only adds glow to our heart but also to our skin and hair.

Furthermore, it increases the body’s ability to defend infections and boosts the energy level.

Compared to other cooking oil, sunflower oil is better absorbed in the digestive tract because of being rich in monounsaturated fats. It is extremely light and has mild laxative properties. Again  the  beneficial portion  of  this  sunflower  plant  is  its  seeds which  are  efficient  in  lessening holesterol,  boosting immunity and reducing the risk of colon  cancer.

Sunflower seeds seem to have a remarkable role to play in chronic inflammatory conditions like bronchial asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Also the nutritional content of sunflower seeds helps to strengthen the immune system. The immune  booster  zinc  is  found  in  a  significant  amount  in  these  seeds. 


Afra Anika Rafique, Biotech

Graduate, BRAC University