Global Corona Death Toll Crosses 1.5m

2,700 die in US a day

4 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

WASHINGTON: Record-high Covid infections and hospitalisations have been reported in the US, with fears they will not slow in the run-up to Christmas, report agencies.

The number of people in hospital passed 100,000 for the first time, a figure that has doubled since early November.

New cases rose by a record 195,695 on Wednesday, and the daily death toll of 2,733 was close to a new high.

The city of Los Angeles has reacted to an unprecedented surge there by ordering residents to stay at home.

Nationwide, infections are now closing in on 14 million, with more than 264,000 deaths, according to data from the Covid Tracking Project.

Figures have continued to soar in recent weeks, with around a million new infections reported every week in November. - equivalent to 99 every minute.

Meanwhile, the novel coronavirus has killed at least 1,502,253 people since the outbreak emerged in China last December, agencies reported on Thursday. At least 64,985,212 cases have been registered. Of these, at least 45,090,925 are now considered recovered. Many countries are testing only symptomatic or the most serious cases.

On Wednesday, 12,445 new deaths and 632,957 new cases were recorded worldwide. Based on latest reports, the countries with the most new deaths were the United States with 2,731 new deaths, followed by Mexico with 800 and Brazil with 698.

After the US, the hardest-hit countries are Brazil with 174,515 deaths from 6,436,650 cases, India with 138,648 deaths from 9,534,964 cases, Mexico with 107,565 deaths from 1,133,613 cases, and the United Kingdom with 59,699 deaths from 1,659,256 cases.

The country with the highest number of deaths compared to its population is Belgium with 146 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Peru with 109, Spain 98 and Italy 94.  

China—excluding Hong Kong and Macau—has to date declared 86,567 cases, including 4,634 deaths and 81,667 recoveries.

Latin America and the Caribbean overall has 452,112 deaths from 13,192,939 cases, Europe 426,588 deaths from 18,851,590 infections, and the United States and Canada 286,148 deaths from 14,312,344 cases.

Asia has reported 196,793 deaths from 12,526,145 cases, the Middle East 80,028 deaths from 3,405,066 cases, Africa 52,594 deaths from 2,203,759 cases, and Oceania 942 deaths from 30,363 cases.