Immense prospect of railway

1 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Train is one of the safest modes of transportation across the country. Journey by train is more comfortable as well as cheaper than journey by bus or plane. The country’s rail network had long been an integral part of our societal fabric. But, in course of time, railway has turned into a sick sector due to inefficiency, corruption and irregularities in its management.  Because of the phenomenon, the country is losing a large amount of money from this vital sector. In an effort to make the country’s economy more vibrant in the coming days, the incumbent government has undertaken various bold initiatives to make the sector economically viable. To ensure transportation of goods and people at a lower cost, the government has taken steps to further strengthen the railway communications across the country.

As part of its long-term programme, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Railway Bridge over the Jamuna River on Sunday. Once the railway bridge is constructed, the country’s socio-economic advancement will get a boost alongside the development of regional and international connectivity that will help make the development of Bangladesh robust in future.

Immediate steps should also be taken to upgrade the aging railway infrastructure. Besides infrastructural development, indiscriminate corruption that pervades the sector must have to be eliminated; otherwise the government’s noble initiative to make railway the engine for the country’s economic growth and development will not yield a positive result. The administration has no alternative, but to go tough against the corrupt officials and employees of Bangladesh Railway to enhance the quality of its service. Pursuing a policy of zero tolerance, exemplary punishment should be given to them so that none dare to destroy the  people’s-friendly mode of transport.

It is worth-mentioning that railway has given the highest service in case of transportation of goods and passengers during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been proved beyond doubt that railway has an immense prospect. So, the establishment is out to make railway safe, financially viable, environment-friendly and caring for its passengers. If this happens then general people will use the railway more than road transport.