Do not take second wave lightly

11 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The entire world was caught unawares by the Coronavirus pandemic in the beginning of this year. For generations to come the memories of 2020 will be remembered as the year of the great pandemic that caused the death of millions all over the world!

In most countries of the world, the first wave of coronavirus infection took away innumerable near and dear ones from happy families, turning children into orphans, wives into widows, and generally leaving all desolate and heartbroken. In addition to the losses to individual families, as a nation Bangladesh has lost some of her most exalted national luminaries and experts in the fields of Arts, Science, Technology, Medicine, etc. For a rising country like Bangladesh, such losses are literally irreplaceable. We find no solace in the fact that many of those lives could have been saved if the hygiene protocol for COVID-19, of wearing masks and washing hands, had been diligently maintained by everyone everywhere.

Hopefully, we are wiser than before in handling the spread of infection. Hypothetically, each infected person has the potential to spread the virus to at least ten others before detection by testing or symptoms. Those ten can infect another hundred, those hundred can infect another thousand, so on and so forth. The exponential spread of infected can be checked by each person not getting infected, which will mean thousands being saved down the line. Otherwise, the sheer number of patients requiring hospitalisation can become unmanageable for even the most sophisticated healthcare system in the world.

With the fear of a second wave looming ahead, we appreciate the government taking strict steps to ensure people wear masks in public places to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. To enforce wearing of masks, the authorities asked all government and private organisations to refuse services to people without masks. It’s commendable that some cities have imposed fines on people without masks in public places.

It is imperative to control the spread of the second wave of coronavirus infection so that our existing healthcare resources are not overwhelmed or our administration does not face a logistic nightmare in handling the situation. Every person should cooperate in containing COVID-19 second wave. Behave responsibly by wearing masks outside home and cooperate with the administration as mature citizens of the country.