Optimism over our dream projects

10 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our national economy to a great extent. It has dealt a blow, especially to the country’s mega projects as many foreign nationals involved in these projects were, some still are, stuck in their home countries resulting in virtual stoppage of the work. Inclement weather has aggravated the situation. To cope with the adverse situation, the government gradually allowed all economic activities to resume. It also gave top priority to implementing the major development projects and allocated enough money for those. At the same time, the administration allowed easy return of foreign experts and workers. Because of the timely measures taken by the authorities, implementation of the fast-track projects has finally gained pace. Presently, the projects are moving fast. The present pace of work of the projects should continue in the coming days also.      

The pandemic is not over yet, and nobody knows when it will end. Moreover, there is a prediction of the second wave of the virus  this winter. The authorities concerned should take all-out precautionary measures on an urgent basis to tackle any situation that may further hamper the development projects in future.

Once the mega projects are completed, the appearance of the country and its economy will change a lot. Our GDP growth will also rise sharply. As for example, when the Padma Bridge Project work will be completed, the country’s southern region will achieve tremendous development due to smooth communication system. Increased connectivity will help link the backward region with the rest of the country. It will be a great boost for development of agriculture and industry in the area. The Padma Bridge will also connect the country’s second most important port at Mongla and industrial zone in Khulna. Ultimately, a positive change will happen in local people’s life and livelihood, thereby boosting national economic growth.