Keep no space for criminals to grow

30 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The increasing number of criminality is one of the biggest problems we have been facing at present time. Some people having affiliation with political power are prone to involve themselves in criminality, and the recent incident of assaulting a navy officer just shows the continual practice of political hooliganism once again. There is no way to think of this as an isolated incident; rather these sorts of activities were reported in public media several times in recent years.

After arresting Erfan Selim, a councillor of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and son of Dhaka-7 lawmaker Haji Salim, the law enforcement agencies have found evidence against him to be involved in many other criminal activities including keeping illegal arms, drugs and handcuffs, and establishing a torture-cell similar to any organised group of criminals. Last year, the people of the country saw similar sorts of happenings when law enforcement agencies raided some reputed clubs and discovered casinos there and arrested a number of influential people in connection with it. In almost all cases, it has been found that the criminals had created a reign of terror so that the common people dare not to open their mouth against them.

It is for sure that these people do not establish themselves overnight; rather they had taken a long time to reach such a level. But it is astonishing that their activities remain concealed unless they made any ‘mistakes’ as Erfan Selim did. And it is almost sure that there are many other Erfan-like criminals who are still conducting their unlawful activities evading capture. ‘Then what do our intelligence agencies do?’ – is a very common question that comes to a curious mind in this regard. Why do not they take action against these criminals during their rising time?

Handling criminals in appropriate manner during their rising time would be the ideal way of keeping society free from crimes and providing common people with the safety they need. Law enforcers should keep little space for criminals to grow up.