Menacing spread of drugs

26 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Drug – mostly synthetic – continues to spread venomous tentacles all around in the country to bring an increasing number of clients, predominantly youths, to the pit of damage, destruction and deaths. Entry into the world of addiction is usually a one-way traffic; once addicted, one is left with no way out; the cumulative effect of the intoxicating substances on the nervous system of the addicts generally makes it almost impossible for them to come out of the ruinous habit and back to normal life. Drug addicts ruin themselves once and for all, throw their families and near and dear ones into boundless miseries and inflict irreparable damage to society at large. The deadly issue demands to be addressed with utmost urgency.

Other than for air and sunlight, men have to make efforts to obtain things they need in their day to day to life; farmers will have to produce crops, workers to produce necessary commodities and consumers will at least have to go to the market or order online to collect them. But for the harmful substances, one does not need to take the trouble; drug peddlers are always at the services of the addicts and ready to make things available at the doorsteps of the clients. And the merchants of deaths are quite innovative in their sinister way of vertical and horizontal expansion of the drug market. All efforts by the government and its agencies fail to cope with the frightening onslaught of the deadly things.

Out of utter frustration and hopelessness in their family or personal life or under peer influence, gullible persons easily fall prey to the allurement of drugs. Some of the addicts simply do not care what will happen in their life if they continue taking drugs while many of them are not aware at all of the fatal diseases drugs cause.  Moreover, injecting drug users share needles and thus spread mortal diseases within the community of the addicts. Very often, drug addicts unhesitatingly involve themselves in crimes to grab money for drugs. Drugs, drug addiction and crimes go hand in hand. Immediate measures should be taken to put a halt to the galloping spread of drugs.