Irregularities in pvt varsities must go

29 September, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Higher education is of utmost importance for any society. It helps improve an individual’s overall quality of life. In recent times, there has been a dramatic growth in the country’s higher education.  Alongside public universities, private universities are also rendering education to students. Despite the fact, the quality of education is declining gradually. Major blame goes to profit-oriented private universities which have commercialised education. Most of these universities fail to provide quality education. They allegedly sell certificates to young pupils.

Private universities mainly depend on part-time faculty who work in public universities as full timers. They do not bother to study which is a continuous process. They are poorly trained both in research and teaching methodology. So, they add little value to education at the tertiary level. Being corrupt what moral education will such private universities provide to their students? A question arises here. Why did not the authorities of the University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Education take action against them? What is their weakness? People deserve a proper explanation from the authorities concerned as to why they could not bring the private universities under discipline.

An effective and realistic law is badly needed with an accreditation council to monitor the quality of education in these universities. The Ministry of Education, the Accreditation Council and the UGC should keep a close watch on private varsities to ensure that these institutions do not serve their commercial purpose only. The administration should stop giving approval to new universities unless they ensure quality education. Another issue is that only a few universities have their own campus, while the rest others run in rented house in crowded commercial areas. They even failed  to  establish  permanent  campuses  that  they were  supposed  to  do  within  five  years of approval. These so-called universities should be closed down for the interest of the nation.